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Hyundai Glovis Georgia branch office was established February 1st , 2020 in Tbilisi, under Hyundai Glovis Turkey. The company's headquarters is in South Korea.

HYUNDAI-GLOVIS, a representative global-logistics company, is growing up with our customers providing best-ever services like Marine Transportation, Knock-Down, Used car and Trading. Even in times of global economic crises, the company has enjoyed steady growth every year by securing competitiveness through nurturing top experts in logistics and distribution as well as creating a high-tech IT system.

As a global, top-tier, total logistics company, HYUNDAI GLOVIS is fulfilling its responsibilities by continuously investing in infrastructure and conducting socially responsible activities.

Our Services



Freight Forwarding

Offering Forwarding Services in Bigger and More Attractive Ports based on their Geographical location as well as client’s needs. With our experience, knowledge, strong bonds with our partners and the network we have built throughout the years, we are able to accomplish every client’s demand. OOG spot cargo handling and transportation by road, by sea, by railway or by airfreight is not a problem as well as other IG cargoes.


Road Freight

Most transport chains include trucking at either the beginning or the end. HYUNDAI GLOVIS integrated transportation and logistics service includes Road Transportation Services that connects all major US, European, Chinese and the CIS trade centres in to a single network.


Rail Freight

HYUNDAI GLOVIS in Railway and Intermodal Transportation Services between US, Europe, China and the CIS regions. Our vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the CIS, Europe, US and Chinese railway networks and freight payment code systems, enables us to respond timely and professionally to all kinds of intricate and complex railway and intermodal transportation requirements of our customers.


Air Freight

Due to the sensitivity and time pressures involved in airfreight, Hyundai Glovis develops comprehensive airfreight service plans tailored to meet the customers’ specific requirements. This is accomplished by learning our customers’ exact objectives with regards to their internal and external requirements.


Shipping Agency

HYUNDAI GLOVIS offer a full port agency service at all Georgia and Turkey ports, all the shipyards, Straight in Georgia and Turkey, designed to ensure your ships enter and leave port as quickly and efficiently as possible without incurring unnecessary delays and additional costs.


Sea & River Forwarding

Ocean & River Freight are the key elements in multimodal transportation service. In order to offer the best service possible, we have a dedicated ocean freight department specializing in FCL, LCL, Break-Bulk, Project Cargo and different types of cargoes on a global scale. In additional carry out our river transport operations on the basis of projects on the Volga-don river during the summer season exclusively for the Caucasian region.


Project Logistics

HYUNDAI GLOVIS; provides many well-known construction companies, producer companies around the world and sister construction companies such as HYUNDAI ENGINEERING, HYUNDAI CONSTRUCTION.


Container Terminal / Bonded Area

WHYUNDAI GLOVIS, Also at Poti Port - Warehousing- Containerized cargo service - Customs brokerage provides its services to its customers flawlessly.

Our terminal also available to Stock reefer container with electricity and Customs food inspection.


Heavy Lift

Carrying out a heavy lift transportation project starts with careful preparation and planning. Our project engineers develop the most economical, efficient and the safest solution for heavy lift projects.


Used Car

We lead the advancement of used car distribution market through the operation of the largest used car around world. HYUNDAI GLOVIS Georgia Branch provide used car market in Caucasia and CIS Countries. We are available support to all market with all kind of brand.For more information


International Trading

Hyundai Glovis Georgia closely monitors and understands the supply and demand situation of domestic / foreign markets and supports its suppliers at affordable prices. In this context, Hyundai Glovis Georgia is engaged in all kinds of supply business, especially Hotel equipment and Amenities and Car Service Chemical business in Georgia.

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